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Plastic Sand Timers
Price is per colour if total per item is under 1000
Please Note! All Sand Timer Durations are Approximate Only.
Clear Body, Many Colours of Sand and Caps Available, Minimum Order Charge £100
All quantities priced in pence each. Looking to buy larger quantities? Please contact our sales team.
For description & image click item below    Wt 50 100 150 200 250 500 1000 2000
P1 Plastic Sand Timer 24mm Dia x 76mm.
To a maximum of 60 Seconds
12.5 Gms £1.00 £0.93 £0.82 £0.73 £0.61 £0.53 0.47 0.41
P2 Plastic Sand Timer 27mm Dia x 98mm.
To a maximum of 180 Seconds
27.0 Gms £1.14 £1.04 £0.96 £0.89 £0.79 £0.70 0.61 0.56
P3 Plastic Sand Timer 40mm Dia x 132mm.
To a maximum of 5 Minutes
70.0 Gms £2.99 £2.15 £1.84 £1.70 £1.55 £1.34 £1.20 £1.13
Buy from our range of safe plastic sand timers, specifically designed for use in board games. Choose from our price list or speak to one of our sales team about having your own custom colour combinations of cap and sand. For more information about each product you can click on the title to the left of the price list. Unlike many sand timers from the far east, our sand timers do not have a glass body. Clear, durable polycarbonate houses safe, clean, white sand. All of our plastic timers are manufactured in the EU and conform to European Toy Safety standards.
How to order Plastic Sand Timers
Warning: Our Dice and Counters may present a Choking Hazard!! Warning! Small Parts Choking Hazard! Not for use by children aged under 36months. Warning Label Must be applied to final packaging.

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